LAND believes that brilliant design starts with a raw idea, a piece of paper, and a pen. The momentum of our team’s talent, originality, localized environmental knowledge, site familiarity, deep international experience, and our clients' vision drives our approach.

We are committed to an "old school" process that is real and palpable; from our emphasis on hand drawing to our intimate approach with our clients, sites, and architecture/interior partners, LAND always deliver authenticity. We only work on projects when we are familiar with the site, surrounding context, local ecology, and our clients' specific needs and objectives.

Our intent is always to work with and on behalf of the land and site in order to shape, create, and maximize views, space, and the experience of place.

Land designed by LAND will experience matchless craft and development. 

LAND cares profoundly about our impact and yours. 

Together, we have a powerful role in this expansive, complex earth to make changes at the human scale.

We believe in interaction with and inquiry into the world around us. And, we focus on transforming human interaction with natural contexts and environments.

We are keenly perceptive. We observe, identify, and discern the remarkable possibilities of the sites we design. We are constantly looking for new data points.

We find creativity in constraints. They clarify our thinking and focus our attention.

We look at what can be rather than what is. We perform deliberate design to create new spaces.

We transcend the design of landscapes.

We are technical and creative ARCHITECTS OF THE LAND---composing circulation, destinations, moments, vistas, experiential blueprints.